Since 1944, Mobern Lighting Company has distinguished itself in the complex, large-scale, quick-ship segment of the rapidly changing lighting and solutions industry.

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The Right Team

With over 40 independent sales representatives and a team of seasoned sales, product development, and project management professionals, Mobern can support the most difficult lighting and controls projects encountered in the domestic market today. We even have our own internal technical team available to handle problems on-site or remotely via visual teleconferencing.

We're standing by when specified solutions cannot be delivered on-time or within budget, when site conditions change and require expedited delivery to the project, or when added logistics are required to assist in the installation of a lighting solution.

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How We Can Support You

We simplify the complex. The installation of lighting and controls has been disrupted with the widespread commercialization of LED and other emerging technologies incentivized by energy efficiency initiatives like DLC and LEED. In addition, the use of LED in unique architectural or aesthetic applications has accelerated the need for customized housings and smart-ware configurations. Don't struggle with evaluating LED lighting and controls for your project. Contact your local Mobern sales representative or our inside sales team for more information about how we can support you and your end-user in this exciting new era of lighting solutions.

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Commitment to Quality and Innovation

All of us at Mobern take pride in the quality and innovation of the lighting solutions we offer. We respond ideas and needs with value-engineered solutions, while at the same time adapting to changing technologies and methods. Mobern has become a reliable supplier to projects involving energy efficient lighting, including those requiring DLC, LEED or custom solutions.

Many of these involve large scale production run and quick-ship deliveries. To effectively respond to these requirements, Mobern has developed the tools and know-how to custom engineer and manufacturer a solution for nearly any energy efficient project. Our stand-out capabilities were developed over the years in response to new LED technologies and major solution design approaches through effective communication and collaboration with customers and vendors alike. This commitment to quality and innovation sets Mobern apart from many lighting solutions suppliers in the industry today.

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DLC, LEED, or Custom Solutions

Don't let the strict requirements of a complex lighting project turn you away from offering a solution. Mobern now possesses the tools and know-how, including project management skills, to custom design and engineer, manufacturer and project manage a complex lighting solution for most energy efficiency (those involving utility rebates) or architectural projects. Remember, Mobern stands on its reputation for considering and developing difficult, large volume and quick-ship solutions for many satisfied and repeat customers when the competition couldn't.

Let us impower you to succeed in sometime difficult and competitive energy efficient markets requiring DLC listed products. The process is easy: simply send us your lighting project specifications or a sample of an existing fixture needed to be retro-fitted and let the Mobern design and engineering team do the work.

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