Stronger Together

Mobern Lighting and Saylite are merging to form a premier commercial lighting manufacturer doing business nationwide. We will still support both Mobern and Saylite brands with the strongest sales teams around the country, but we have consolidated all the other functions. We’ve worked side by side for years. We will be stronger together.

Striking a Match

Finding the right lighting partner is a complex decision. Staying competitive and making projects shine in today’s construction environment requires speed, cost-effectiveness, and products with striking visual appeal. All too often, contractors and engineers are forced to pick two.

We believe in a different way.

Mobern at work

Our Promise

Since 1944, Mobern’s reputation working with clients across the country helped coin “The Mobern Way:” a simple, unwavering promise to deliver lighting solutions in a fair, friendly, and flexible manner. Meanwhile, with a family-run history dating back to 1965, Saylite is on a mission to leverage the latest LED technologies while building on timeless values.

It’s a match made in lighting heaven.

Together, we will use enhanced resources to light the way toward faster response times and more modern, on-trend product selections—all while retaining the same budget-friendly, reliable, easy to work with approach that helps our clients deliver one successful project after another.

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