Recessed Sky Box - Edgelit Flat Panel with Innovative Shroud SBX-LED SKB-LED

LED Edgelit Flat Panel Sky Bay

The Series SBX Edge-Lit Flat Panel provides comfortable, abundant lighting from a thin and modern design. Available in 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 sizes, in multiple color temperatures and with 0 to 10 Volt dimming.

The SBX is designed for T-Bar recessed mounting with driver box on the top side of the panel. The panel can be chain or cable mounted with a high tech look achieved by the thin panel profile and the visible driver box on top. The panel has an unobtrusive white edge.

These panels are an ideal choice for many applications including offices, circulation spaces, and retail spaces, plus residential areas such as remodeled kitchens for a skylight appearance.

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