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                                                                             4”x4” Linear “Y”

      Whether you need to simply meet specifications or tackle
      a complex lighting problem, our team of lighting specialists
      have the knowledge to help you find an answer. We can

      customize our vast selection of fixtures with controls,               CALL FOR
      wattage/lumen packages, finish options, and more to                    CUSTOM
      meet your specific application requirements. From our first
      conversation to product delivery, our service solutions will           PRICING!
      help you make the smartest choice for your lighting!

      HX44-LED                                FMS-FP
      4”x4” Linear Hexagon                    Flex Mounting System
                                              For Flat Panel

                                                                          Window Fixture


        RKITB-LED                                                                SOLVED.
        Custom Retail
        Recessed Retrofit Kit

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