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      Let Mobern be your integrated fixture control
      supplier! We have the ability to work with any controls
      manufacturer to seamlessly integrate the controls you
      need. We offer different types of sensors including
      remote-mounted or integrated sensors ranging from
      on/off to connected/dimming/time of day controls
      sensors. Our connected control protocols can be used
      to create scenes, zones, and custom dimming. All of
      this  handled conventiently by your smart device or
      wall switch.

                               Daylight   Person   Color   Continuous   User   Energy   Remote   External   Wet
          Sensor    Occupancy                                                                                 vs. High
                              Harvesting  Control  Tuning  Dimming  Interface  Monitor  Diagnostics  Integration  Location  Bay
      OS (Basic)       Y                                                                                O       O
      OSD              Y         Y                       Y                                              O
      OSW              Y                                                                                Y
      OSWD             Y         Y                       Y                                              Y
      SS               Y                                                                                O
      SSM              Y      Yes, on/off
      SSD              Y         Y                       Y
      McWong Mesh      Y         Y        Y      Y       Y         Y                                    O       O
      Ultrasonnic      Y                                                                                O       O
      Ceiling Mount    Y         O                                                                      O
                                                                                          Y w/ Zigbee
      Easy Sense       Y         Y        Y              Y         Y       Y       Y        Controls    O
      Enlighted Sensor  Y        Y        Y      Y       Y         Y
      Sensilum         Y         Y        Y              Y                 Y              Y w/ DEXAL            Y
     Y - Yes
     O - Optional

             OS                 OSD              OSW          OSWD              SS/SSD             SSM

        McWong Mesh          Ultrasonic     Ceiling Mount   Easy Sense       Enlighted Sensor      Sensilum
          Sensors            Occupancy

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