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About Mobern

          Our philosophy is simple: your success is our success. It’s why our customers call us a hidden gem in the
        lighting industry. Expect a relationship, with fair pricing and reliable service you can pass along to your clients.

        Cutting Edge From The Start

         The year is 1939, and fluorescent lighting is introduced for the
         first time at the New York World’s Fair. Just five years later,
         Hyman Bernstein and Nathan Movitz combine their talents, and
         their last names, to create Mobern Lighting - one of the first
         fluorescent lighting manufacturers in the world. Seventy-five
         years later, technology has changed, but Mobern’s responsive
         service, fair pricing, and expert staff has remained constant.

        Helping Your Business Shine

        Today, Mobern’s 80,000 square foot state-of-the-
        art factory and showroom houses the stock and
        resources of an industry giant - but our friendly,
        knowledgeable team has the same family-owned
        feel that we were built on in 1944. With 75 years of
        experience, you can bet our team has the answers to
        even the most complex lighting problems. Let’s work
        together to make your business shine.

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