About Us

We believe in the power of lighting—by delivering lighting solutions for businesses nationwide, featuring one of the most comprehensive LED selections in the industry. As a family-owned business with a state-of-the-art facility right here in the US, we’ve built our reputation on a simple philosophy: your success is our success. Expect a relationship, with fair pricing and reliable service you can pass along to your clients.

Cutting Edge from the Start

Fifty years ago, our journey into the lighting industry began when our founder began his two-man fluorescent assembly business with a growing network of suppliers and a “yes, we can” attitude. Today, the next generation of experienced professionals is reinventing the business — with a vision for a new type of lighting company that leverages the latest technologies while building on his timeless values. We've navigated the market shifts by steering the business into LED, smart lighting, sensors, and retrofits.

And now, we are emerging as a stronger, more innovative solutions provider in today's lighting landscape.

We see the endless potential of lighting, and we are working hard to make it more accessible for everyday projects. Our extraordinary manufacturing facility is developing the latest solutions for practical applications, with an engineering staff that bridges the worlds of lighting, construction, and technology. You can find our products illuminating big retailers, Fortune 500 offices and warehouses, multi-family projects and hotels — and most importantly, thousands of small projects across America.

Company Overview

Learn more about how Mobern, Saylite, LFP, and our Lights Fantastic Pro design center deliver complete lighting solutions to our customers across the country.