LLCRA - Linear Lighting Channel


Mobern introduces an eye catching selection of LED Linear Lighting channels that can be surface or pendant mounted individually or in a continuous run that put a line of light where you want it with unmatched styling and energy efficiency. Utilizing the latest in LED High Powered 24 Volt tape lighting sized exactly to the specific channel provides micro illumination that will not only highlight the area around it beautifully, but say “look here”. Ideal for general lighting applications in both commercial and residential applications for circulation spaces, high impact areas and residentially over tables, kitchen islands and home offices. The versatility and clean styling makes this an ideal choice in many applications.

Each linear channel is available in popular sizes, 4 or 8 feet, or can be custom sized for your specific application with some small parameters or can be joined together for longer runs. Each channel requires a remote 24 volt driver sized to the wattage of the channel to power the LED tape.

This round channel utilizes a snap in drop down lens to provide 527 lumens per foot using less than 8.78 watts.



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