CSLS - Shallow Linear Spread


The new Shallow Linear Linear Spread Lighting is ideal for open offices or any place where low glare, comfortable lighting is required; especially good for applications where a lot of monitors are in use. Fixtures can be individually or joined for a continuous run. The connections between the housings are made by means of a concealed locking mechanism that provides a hairline joint in continuous row applications. Shielding includes choces of perforations, slots and baffled louver for a choice of uplight and downlight effects. It has a center semi-specular baffle ora matte white lens to provide 30% downlight coupled with a choice of solid sides for more uplight or perforated sides for extra side light. This shallow body is available in 3 light T5 or 2 light T8 only. A well engineered reflector system ensures maximum efficiency over 84% and light spread

  • Indirect/Direct suspended lighting fixture; Indirect is 70% and direct is 30%
  • The direct component is controlled by 3” wide semi-specular aluminum baffles standard or opaque overlay (by others).
  • This unit is designed for two T8 lamps or up to three T5 lamps
  • Fixture will also accept T8 LED tubes
  • Designed for low brightness illumination without shadows for general office or classroom applications where 85 to 90% efficiency is needed. All reflectors necessary for performance are supplied as standard
  • Fixture is 9 5/8” wide by 2 1/2” high
  • Housing can be differentiated by specifying perforations on the bottom sides parallel to the center slot or perforations on the top sides or both. You design the look that you want to achieve.
  • Fixture can be modified for LED “circuit on board” applications and will accept daylight and/or motion detectors.


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