Occupancy Sensors

Adding occupancy sensors, daylight sensors or multi-level controls can increase energy savings by up to 30 percent. This comprehensive product line ensures that lights are turned off when spaces are unoccupied or light levels exceed a preset level. Sourcing top sensors from Leviton, Wattstopper and others, to ensure the right sensor for the application. The high bay occupancy sensors are designed to control lighting in high mount areas including warehouse aisleways, open spaces and conveyor areas. The sensors turn lights on and off based on occupancy and install directly to T8 or T5 fixtures or to electrical junction boxes. Their specially designed lenses provide reliable coverage from a wide range of mounting heights.

Occupancy Sensors
Occupancy Sensors
Occupancy Sensors
Occupancy Sensors

Easy Sense
This Easy Sense integrated occupancy/daylight harvesting sensor can be put in almostany recessed fixture.  The sensor is controlled by mobile devices which provide aconvenient and user-friendly solution for significantly improving energy savings incommercial, educational, retail, and office environments. A user friendly cell phone appfeatures controls used to establish groups, set up zones, set light output, set hold timeafter motion detection, adjust background light levels, prolong time at background lightlevels, program fade time between occupied and background light levels, and adjustECO light levels. These sensors require no maintenance once installed, and no regulartechnician visits. Mobern offers two versions of this sensor, the SNS 102 (for BasicGrouping) and SNS 200 (for advanced grouping).

Easy Sense Design Guide

Easy Sense Quick Install Guide

Easy Sense Ceiling Mount Quick Install Guide


  • Combined occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and task tuning
  • Per fixture control and grouping to wireless switches
  • Meets use cases for auto-off/manual-on (vacancy sensing) and auto-off/partial-on
  • Common pre-sets; works out of the box
  • Compatible with android App

Easy Sense SNS 102 Data Sheet


  • Occupancy sharing - Program the group so that light levels for peripheral fixtures stay at task or background level if occupancy is detected elsewhere in the group.
  • Scene Setting - Easily create preset scenes for your group, such as presentation mode for a conference room to lower light levels near the screen and keep higher levels in the back of the room
  • DLC Qualified - Listed in the DLC Qualified Products List (QPL) for Networked Lighting Control (NLC) systems
  • Plus all the great features of SNS 102 for Basic Grouping

Easy Sense SNS 200 Data Sheet

Mobile Device Requirements

The Easy Sense sensor can be paired with mobile devices through the Apps EasySense NFC and EasySense IR. Both apps can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and require just a one-time sign in for users. These apps are only compatible with certain Android based smartphones.

App User Manual

Recommended Phones for App