Mobern Lighting Rewards Program Terms & Conditions
updated 4/13/16

The Mobern Lighting Rewards Program is a transaction based program used in conjuction with the Mobern Lighting Mobile Application which is freely downloaded from Itunes and Google Play stores. Participants in the Mobern Rewards Program are subject to the terms and conditions here.

The Rewards Program is open to Mobern Lighting distributors and representatives and dependent on verified Purchase Order amounts (outlined below).

  • Minimum order of $1000 or more is required to qualify for POINTS excluding federal, state and local taxes & shipping charges. Distributors/Representative must have documentation on Purchanse Orders indicating that the order will be used towards the Mobern Rewards Program. Distributor/Representative is responsible for submitting qualifying purchase order numbers with amounts and verifiable with Mobern Lighting representative. Submit point requests to
  • Point codes will be vailid for a 60 minutes upon release to recipient.
  • Reward points have no cash value, are non-negotiable and cannot be redeemed in whole or in part for cash. Points do not constitute property and are not capable of being combined or transferred to any other type of Program offering, award or discount. The number of points necessary to earn a Reward is determined by Mobern Lighting and may be changed without prior notice during the term of the Program.
  • Rewards are separated by sections in the Mobile App. Recipient can decide which section to credit points. Points are accumulative in that section only and totals are visible on screen. When accumulated points matches a reward, the STAR will 'light up and spin" indicating that reward is redeemable. Any unused points that remain after redemption may be counted towards the next reward with additional points.
  • Rewards will be received within 14 days depending on availability and location.
  • Mobern Lighting reserves the right to adapt and modify the program rules if necessary. Some changes may affect the value of the points or awards. Your continued participation in this program constitutes consent to any such changes.
  • The program points must be redeemed by December 31, 2016.


  • The Mobern Rewards program is used in conjunction with the Mobern mobile app. Download this free application from Itunes or Google Play by searching “mobern” or “mobern lighting” After installation, provide a valid email address when prompted and 100 bonus points will be awarded.
  • Request points by providing the purchase order number and amount in an email to  In response, an access code will be sent to the recipient to “stamp” their  points.  This access code will only be valid for 60 minutes from the time request is received and time will be visible on the email.
  • Enter the code in either one of 2 rewards sections.  Points will accumulate in the section that is ‘stamped’ and totals will be visible.  When total points match any of the rewards in that section, the STAR will “light up and spin” indicating that it is redeemable.
  • Receipt of rewards within 1-2 weeks dependant on availability and location.



  • $1,000.00 minimum order                      
  • $1,000.00 = 700 points                     •  $7,500.00 = 2900 points                
  • $1,200.00 = 900 points                     •  $10,000.00 = 3800 points
  • $1,5000.00 = 1200 points                 •  $13,500.00 = 5500 points
  • $2,000.00 = 1500 points                   •  $17,500.00 = 7000 points
  • $3,500.00 = 1800 points                   •  $20,000.00 = 8500 points
  • $5,000.00 = 2300 points                   •  $20,000.00 PLUS =10,000 points


2200 points - Amex Gift Card $50.00

3000 points - Amex Gift Card $75.00

3500 points - IPod Shuffle 2Gb

4200 points - Nautica Watch mens/womens

5000 points - Amex Gift Card Gift Card $150.00

5800 points - Flexbit Wireless Activity + Sleeper Wristband

7000 points - Canon Power Shot ELPH

9000 points - Nook or Kindle

11500 points - Beats by DRE Solo Earphones

15000 points - Nintendo U32G

17500 points - Beats by DRE Studio Ear Phones

19000 points - Golf Clubs Callaway Strata Plus 18pc

21000 points - Gift Card $350.00

25000 points - Xbox 1 + Kinect

28000 points - IPad Mini 3 64Gb

37000 points - Microsoft Surface Pro3 64Gb